Jordi NN

El abrazo de la Anjana

El abrazo de la Anjana _About The Embrace of the Anjana” is a captivating work of art in nature created by the artist Jordi NN as part of the ASELART 2023 festival. Strategically situated at the entrance of a lush wooded area in the town of Herrera de Ibio, Cantabria, this piece pays homage to […]

Levitating Wave

The site-specific installation “Levitating Wave” is a bamboo land art sculpture that embodies the duality of the sea, the resilience of the human spirit, and the deep connection between local inhabitants and their coastal environment. Suspended in the air, the wave-shaped structure evokes a sense of levitation, lightness, and peace, inviting viewers to reflect on the ebb and flow of life’s challenges. The artwork symbolizes the courage to face the “fifth wave” without being defeated, while emphasizing our harmonious relationship with nature and life. It serves as a contemplative space that celebrates unity, resilience, and the profound wisdom embedded within the natural rhythms of the ocean.

S koljena na koljeno​

“S koljena na koljeno” (Passed through generations) is an artwork related to the cultural identity of the Island of Rab, Croatia. A land-art installation to pay respect to the set of characteristics that does this island unique.

Cultural identity is a part of a person’s identity. I believe a place could have its own cultural identity, self-conception and self-perception. And like each person’s identity, every location identity is related to the environment (orography and nationality), biodiversity (races and ethnicities), beliefs and behaviours, generation or any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture as in this case, the islands of Adriatic sea.


Rachis comes from Ancient Greek and gives its name to the axial part of numerous compound structures in animals, fungi and plants. For the human being, it gives name to the backbone or spine being the main axis or “shaft”.


Heimsendir Edge of the world ENG // Poem Edge of the world In the crack of the universe We feel the world bursting.In between reality and star-worlds Huginn & Muninnmeet. Their wing-beat merges Opposing elements Wind & FireThe affection for anti. In the bright lights of the northern hemisphereSpace and earth,Step the dance of the […]

Where the paths cross

交會處 所有的路都將有交錯之際。所有行動都與一次決定有關。若沒有傾聽,對話就不算成立。唯有面對面,共識才有可能發生。風輕撫土地,思緒飄向天際,隱藏在那兒的,是一處不足為奇的平凡之地。「無處」本身就是一種所在。在此,來自四方的起點共同構築出一個臨時而起的聖殿,這裡就是路徑交會之處。 Where the paths cross “There is no path without an intersection. There is no action without a decision. There is no dialogue without listening. There is no consensus without a meeting point. There, where the wind touches the earth, where thoughts touch the sky, is a commonplace, a hidden place. There, where “nowhere” […]

Gates of “Last Light of Summer”

Gates of “Last Light of Summer” The gate was designed to be the entrance to autumn equinox festival “Drevernos Rudens Lygė”. The event begins with the dusk and the lights of the gate represent the last light of summer because when the event finishes it will be already autumn and lights will be off. The […]