Jordi NN



In the course DESIGNING AND BUILDING SCULPTURES WITH BAMBOO, three guiding axes will be covered: Spirit – Nature, Body – Matter, Mind – Experimental site. Where in addition to creatively rethinking some certainties that involve our homes: body, home and planet, through artistic practice we can communicate on different emotional and aesthetic levels

Through exercises that will use bamboo as a form of awareness, observation and modeling within the territory, we will create a space where the boundaries between object and context are blurred. When we work from an artistic perspective on nature, we enter into a dialogue in which it is essential to find a balance by converting our action on the landscape into an extension of it. Functionality does not have to be contrary to aesthetics. If we talk about spirit, body and mind, our interventions must serve as a bridge and connection to tune the world around us with our essence. And thus inhabit the habitat as one, with respect and balance.


The current support of our cultural, economic and social practices are insufficient to prevent the world from collapsing. The moment calls for multidisciplinary collective work and the investigation of natural forms and processes, which are capable of expanding and regenerating our field of vision, by allowing possibilities for a more harmonious life with the environment in which we live.

To enter this circle of collective experimentation, it is not necessary for the student to be from a specific area, be it architecture, fine arts, design or civil engineering. They just need to feel free to exercise their intrinsic ability to create spaces with an artistic and ecological approach. Before the creation of professions, humanity was creatively responsible for everything it produced. In this course, the idea is to relax certainties and offer tools for consolidating a regenerative path where everyone can take new and necessary knowledge to their professions to build a new, more autonomous and free future.

_COURSE goals

With the aim of channeling the creative and constructive energy that exists in all of us, we will work on the proposed themes in a playful and practical way, producing physical models, projective drawings and construction in our space – art, through a methodology that will address ecology, geometry , biomimetics and other techniques that help our ability to observe self and the context, weaving networks between art and architecture.

As the objective is to revisit some basic concepts of architectural design in addition to bringing up topics, the course is open to people from any area of knowledge who are interested in the topic.


Event / Designing and building in bamboo Workshop

Where / Brazil

Date / Nov 2023




_bamboo professor

Helena Ruette

_art professor

Jordi NN

_Graphic Designer

Giu Nuvem

_course assitant

Carolina Orlay

_Accomodation Host

Queijaria Pico Alto


Width / 7 m

Height / 3 m

Depth / 7 m




_Building assitant

Ruan Carlos Pontes


Ana Spalter 

Bianca Nathalia Bedin

Bianca Lebrao

Bruna Monteiro Bernandes Guerrino

Julia Nery Silva

Nayane Andrade de Oliveira

Ingrid Rosa dos Santos

Ivan Greive Veiga

Isabella Kyrillos Paletta

Matheus Magalhães Barros

Olivia Kari Nagayama Boarini

Ruan Carlos Pontes

Maria Alves

Michael O Brien

Hannah Danieli Chasles

_Activities program

Spirit - Nature

  • The Origin of world ecology in crisis, the regeneration movement and biomimicry.
  • Introduction to Landart, environmental art and site-specific installation 
  • Ethics on working with nature

Body - Matter

  • Biomimetic practice
  • Model workshop
  • Creativity Process
  • Methodology and project development


Mind - Building laboratory

  • Practical workshop about preproduction, techniques, tools and construction in a natural environment.