Jordi NN

Levitating Wave


“Levitating Waves” is a site-specific land art installation created by Jordi NN and inspired by the Amis tribe wisdom about the courage to face “the fifth wave”. This sculpture takes the form of a wave, standing tall at 5 meters before it breaks, and it is suspended in the air, evoking a sense of levitation, lightness, and peace to face the inevitable challenge of life. The artwork is inspired by the relationship between the local inhabitants and the sea, emphasizing the duality of the ocean as both calm and powerful.

The wave’s organic shape symbolizes the ebb and flow of the sea, reflecting the rhythmic nature of life’s challenges. It invites viewers to contemplate the proverbial concept of the fifth wave among the Amis people, representing the point where one must face the greatest challenges to access larger, deeper, and wider waters.


In this context, “Levitating Waves” becomes a metaphor for resilience, encouraging individuals to confront difficulties without being defeated.

By using bamboo as the primary material, the installation pays homage to the natural environment and promotes sustainability. Bamboo, known for its strength and flexibility, embodies the interplay between resilience and adaptability that is necessary when facing life’s ups and downs. The suspended wave sculpture adds an ethereal quality to the artwork, capturing the fleeting and transient nature of both waves and life itself.

“Levitating Waves” serves as a visual reminder of the profound connection between humanity and the ocean. It invites viewers to reflect on the wisdom of the Amis tribe and their profound understanding of the sea as a source of sustenance, a force of change, and a symbol of constant transformation.

Through its peaceful presence and harmonious integration with the natural surroundings, the installation encourages contemplation, fostering a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance between human existence and the powerful forces of nature.

By merging elements of nature, culture, and spirituality, “Levitating Waves” offers a space for introspection, inviting viewers to embrace the metaphorical fifth wave in their own lives. It encourages them to find strength, wisdom, and inspiration within themselves, even when faced with the tumultuous challenges that shape our journey. In doing so, the installation embodies the collective spirit of resilience, unity, and perseverance shared by both the Amis tribe and humanity at large.


Event / East Coast Land Art Festival

Where / Taiwan

Date / June 2023





_Curator Assitant

張婷涵 – Zhang Ting Han

_Main Sponsor


Boehringer Ingelheim Taiwan




Width / 2 m

Height / 5 m

Depth / 5 m



Metal profile


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Local community

Local Artists

_Foundations Assitant

_Architect Consultant

_Teclart Documentation Team

_Boehringer Ingelheim Documentation Team

Rg Liu

Leo Lee

Kevin Lin


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