Jordi NN

El abrazo de la Anjana


The Embrace of the Anjana” is a captivating work of art in nature created by the artist Jordi NN as part of the ASELART 2023 festival. Strategically situated at the entrance of a lush wooded area in the town of Herrera de Ibio, Cantabria, this piece pays homage to the rich Cantabrian mythology and, in particular, to the enigmatic mythological being of the Anjana.

“The Embrace of the Anjana” encapsulates the essence of this mythical being and explores the close relationship between nature and the Cantabrian community. The artwork harmoniously melds with its natural surroundings, inviting visitors to respectfully immerse themselves in the wondrous vegetation of the Cantabrian forests. It’s worth noting that the Anjana, a fair and wise entity, has traditionally played a fundamental role as a guide and protector for those who wander in the Cantabrian woods.


The artist invites the viewer to delve into the fascinating Cantabrian mythology and explore the enigmatic presence of this mythical being, as well as the deep connection between the Cantabrian people and their natural environment. Through the portrayal of “The Embrace of the Anjana,” a message of respect towards nature is conveyed, highlighting the importance of preserving the traditions and legends that shape Cantabria’s cultural identity.

This artwork transcends the mere concept of art in nature, as it acts as a reminder of the profound connection between humanity and the natural world that surrounds us. By representing this mythological being, Jordi NN invites us to immerse ourselves in a realm of ancestral and deep connection with nature, where tradition and stories intertwine with the eternal beauty of the Cantabrian landscapes.


Event / Aselart Arterural

Where / Spain

Date / August 2023








Paula Andrés Castillo

_Atelier Host

Jose Antonio Andrés Vera

_Wood Sponsor

Viveros Escalante, S.L.

_Accomodation Host

Posada Llosa de Ibio

_Restaurant Host

Mesón Ibio


Width / 6.5 m

Height / 3 m

Depth / 5 m




_Volunteers / Helpers

Jose Antonio Andrés Vera