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The virtue of Balance


“The Virtue of Balance” is a site-specific land art installation that invites those who encounter the artwork to contemplate the delicate equilibrium found in nature and within ourselves. At its centre stands a tree lying on perfect equilibrium on a 3-ton boulder, serving as a symbolic scale. Anchored on either side are two stones, each representing contrasting elements of nature and human experience.

On one side rests a large stone, from the rugged mountains, its hard angles and formidable presence evoking strength and resilience bearing the weight of history and time.

Opposite it lies a smaller stone, its contours smoothed by the gentle caress of water over time. With a soft shape and lightness, this stone embodies the fluidity and adaptability inherent in life’s journey.

The juxtaposition of these two stones, poised in perfect equilibrium upon the tree scale, speaks about the interplay between opposing forces: strength and gentleness, solidity and fluidity, resilience and adaptability. It is a reminder that true harmony emerges not from dominance or uniformity, but from the graceful balance of diverse elements.

_The heart and the feather

In the ancient Egyptian belief system, the transition into the afterlife hinged on a pivotal moment: the weighing of the heart against the feather of truth, overseen by Anubis, the jackal-headed god.

Upon death, the soul embarked on a journey through the afterlife, guided by Anubis. Here, their heart, representing the essence of their being and deeds in life, was placed on the scales. Opposite it lay the feather of truth, embodying the divine order and harmony of the universe.

If the heart proved lighter than the feather, it signified a life lived in accordance with the principles of truth, justice, and cosmic order. Such a soul would be granted passage into the eternal realm of paradise.

If the heart were heavier than the feather, it would signify that the soul is unbalanced and faces eternal oblivion. Therefore, we carry with us the key and answer for the rhythm of the universe through the actions of our lives.


Event / Fruga art Trail

Where / Croatia

Date / April 2024






_Accomodation Host

Camp Zidine


Width / 5 m

Height / 1.70 m

Depth / 1.5 m









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_Work in Progress