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Páχις [rhákhis]

Rachis comes from Ancient Greek and gives its name to the axial part of numerous compound structures in animals, fungi and plants. For the human being, it gives name to the backbone or spine being the main axis or “shaft”.

The actual global situation has forced us to reinterpret the relationship between the individuals of our society as well as the relationship between the individual and the environment that surrounds him. A series of stand-alone elements form a unit that vertebrates the reality of each person. What happens when you break that vertebral unit of individual elements that sustains the balance?


Vall de Gallinera
The work is designed specifically for the Vall de Gallinera and its inhabitants. Taking into account the social and cultural paradigm and the geomorphology of the valley itself, it is intended to praise and pay tribute to the entire ecosystem. With special attention to the balance of the relationship between the inhabitants of the valley and their home.

The work is made up of a specific number of stones extracted from the river bed. Each stone will represent an inhabitant of the valley that will form a composition in the shape of a spine on the slope of the valley.


Event / Enclave Land Art 2021

Where / Vall de Gallinera, Spain

Date / December 2021







Height / 70 cm

Width / 4.5 m

Depth / 20 m


River Stones

Mountain rocks


Municipality workers team



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