Jordi NN

Jordi NN

"Environmental artist, Land art and fire sculpture."


Jordi NN (1985) was born in Valencia, Spain. He developed his artistic skills at various universities, such as UCM (Madrid), USAL (Salamanca) and UPV (Valencia). Jordi NN holds a bachelor’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he graduated in Fine Arts in 2011.

He began his travels more than two decades ago with the urge to explore and experiment with the world. In 2010 he participated in his first international exhibition in Amsterdam. In 2012 he became a one-way ticket nomad art wanderer travelling from country to country. During the past decade, he has participated in international projects in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and America.

Nowadays, he is known for his monumental-size, ephemeral art installations related to nature where the elements have a principal role. As an artist in the age of Anthropocene, his site-specific land art seeks the balance between humans and his relationship with nature and the world. The works are deeply rooted in the ecosystem that reflects on the human condition of their surrounding and expresses through the identities and local traditions.


Jordi NN’s art projects are an invitation to experience a different reality, to pause and reflect on our place in the world. By using aesthetic tools that bridge the past, present, and future, Jordi NN creates an intimate connection between the forces of nature and the world of ideas.

In an age where people are constantly on the move and rarely take time to contemplate, Jordi NN’s work offers a space for contemplation and reflection. Through his art, he encourages people to consider different points of view without trying to change their minds.

As an artist of the Anthropocene era, Jordi NN explores the human relationship with nature and the world. Each of his pieces is rooted in his own experience, society, and the environment, creating a connection between the art and the natural world.

Jordi NN’s artistic conceptual maturity involves different levels of exploration, including science, history, myth, and tradition. Through research, he has discovered the connections between belief and fact, symbol and language. His work offers a glimpse into these connections and invites viewers to engage with them.

In summary, Jordi NN’s art is a call to slow down and listen with our eyes, to experience the sounds of silence and reflect on our place in the world. His work is a bridge between the past, present, and future, connecting us to nature, society, and our own experiences.