Jordi NN

El abrazo de la Anjana

El abrazo de la Anjana _About The Embrace of the Anjana” is a captivating work of art in nature created by the artist Jordi NN as part of the ASELART 2023 festival. Strategically situated at the entrance of a lush wooded area in the town of Herrera de Ibio, Cantabria, this piece pays homage to […]

Opposites attracts

Opposites Attracts _About _Info Event / Valmiermuižas etnomūzikas festivāls Where / Latvia Date / July 2023 _Location 57°33’20.4″N 25°25’59.8″E _Curator Daina Zalāne _Organizer Valmiermuižas alus darītava Lauska _contemporany Circus Alexsey Smolov Lizeth Wolks _Music Stanislav Yudin _Dimensions Width / 10 m Height / 5 m Depth / 2 m _Material Wood Metal Reeds _wood Assistant Mantvydas […]

Levitating Wave

The site-specific installation “Levitating Wave” is a bamboo land art sculpture that embodies the duality of the sea, the resilience of the human spirit, and the deep connection between local inhabitants and their coastal environment. Suspended in the air, the wave-shaped structure evokes a sense of levitation, lightness, and peace, inviting viewers to reflect on the ebb and flow of life’s challenges. The artwork symbolizes the courage to face the “fifth wave” without being defeated, while emphasizing our harmonious relationship with nature and life. It serves as a contemplative space that celebrates unity, resilience, and the profound wisdom embedded within the natural rhythms of the ocean.

Serene traces in resilient sands

Serene traces in resilient sands “Serene Traces in Resilient Sands” is an artwork that captures a momentary experience of Natalia Abot and Jordi NN as they create soft traces of their bodies on the sand dunes of Pinamar, Argentina. The fragility of the dunes, susceptible to erosion by any element such as wind or water, […]


Breath The location of this land artwork was in the Iberá Wetlands, a unique ecosystem located in the center-north of the province of Corrientes, Argentina. The wetlands are composed of swamps, bogs, lakes, lagoons, and natural watercourses, making them one of the most important freshwater reserves in South America and the second-largest wetland in the […]


Horizon This land artwork is located on the shores of a river. The site’s geological characteristics have been fundamental elements in the creation of this piece. The monumental sand columns and cliffs that stand tall on the shore are a testament to the river’s power, water, and wind erosion. The constant change that occurs in […]

Unseen Weavings

Unseen weavings Unseen Weavings is situated in a sandy area on the shore of the Parana River. The artwork itself is a drawing on the sand, which is ephemeral in nature and will eventually be erased by the forces of wind and water. However, even after the physical drawing disappears, the act of creating it […]

Mud walk

Mud walk This land art piece, entitled “Mud Walk,” takes place in a muddy area on the shore of the river Parana, Argentina. The artwork draws inspiration from the challenges and difficulties of crossing from one shore to another on a muddy and slippery terrain. The path becomes a metaphor for the obstacles of migration […]


Tree-angle is a thought-provoking Landart piece that uses the symbolism of the triangle to explore the duality of yin and yang energies. The use of natural materials such as logs, trees, and wood planks in the triangles creates a connection between the artwork and nature. The hexagon shape symbolizes balance and harmony, underscoring the significance of both yin and yang energies in maintaining universal equilibrium.


Seed _Info Event / GNAP Argentina Where / Argentina Date / April 2023 _Curator Claudia Aravanovich _Dimensions Width / 2 m Lenght / 40 m _Location 27°27’36.0674″ S 58°49’47.1154″ W _Material Tree debris _Location Artwork