Jordi NN

Ripple Resonance

Photo: Jurgis Kreilis


“Ripple Resonance” (Viļņošanās) draws its inspiration from the captivating phenomenon where vibrations or oscillations give rise to mesmerizing ripples. Just as dropping a stone into a tranquil pond sets off a cascade of undulating waves, so does “Ripple Resonance”. It embodies a repetitive variation, a rhythmic dance around a central singularity, unfurling to merge seamlessly with its surroundings.


Each action within this artwork becomes a profound statement of reality, a unique event nestled within the delicate balance of interactions. It echoes the concept of “Eternal recurrence,” where the infinite cycle of repetition mirrors the oscillation on a cosmic scale. Here, the universe oscillates between states of stability and change, order and chaos, reflecting the Heraclitean notion of “Panta Rhei” – the constant flux of all things. The world is not static or unchanging, but rather in a constant state of flux. Everything is constantly changing and there is no such thing as an unchanging substance.


Time, in this context, transcends the confines of a linear progression, embracing a continuous flow or oscillation between past, present, and future. This challenges conventional perceptions of time, inviting viewers to contemplate a reality where ripples traverse all coordinates, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of interconnectedness across the cosmos and time.


Event / Valmiermuižas etnomūzikas festivāls

Where / Latvia

Date / July 2024





Valmiermuižas alus darītava



Jordi NN


Daina Zalāne

_Building Team

Anna Zenka

Mikelis Zalans

Emilis Jonušauskas

Karlis Kandero

_Performance director

Simona Orinska

_Butō Lab

Simona Orinska

Ieva Dzintare

Alda Rusina

Mingaile Kola

Ilva Āķe

Velta Gūtmane

Alīna Burlakova.


Sarma Gabrēna

Nils Jumītis


Width / 14 m

Height / 4 m

Depth / 4 m



Wooden Tiles


Andris Roze

_MEtal Assistant

Pēteris Kalniņš


Ivars Kezbers

Valters Borskis

_Drone operator

Jurgis Kreilis