Jordi NN

Perpetual Flow

Perpetual Flow _drop _Trinity _Infinite _About Situated within the serene expanse of Darmstadt Forest in Germany, ‘Perpetual Flow’ is a site-specific land-art installation inspired by the timeless concept of unending motion and the ethereal beauty of the water cycle. This work challenges viewers to reconsider the role of water from a different perspective. Measuring approximately […]

Ripple Resonance

Ripple Resonance Photo: Jurgis Kreilis _About “Ripple Resonance” (Viļņošanās) draws its inspiration from the captivating phenomenon where vibrations or oscillations give rise to mesmerizing ripples. Just as dropping a stone into a tranquil pond sets off a cascade of undulating waves, so does “Ripple Resonance”. It embodies a repetitive variation, a rhythmic dance around a […]

The virtue of Balance

The virtue of Balance _About “The Virtue of Balance” is a site-specific land art installation that invites those who encounter the artwork to contemplate the delicate equilibrium found in nature and within ourselves. At its centre stands a tree lying on perfect equilibrium on a 3-ton boulder, serving as a symbolic scale. Anchored on either […]

El abrazo de la Anjana

El abrazo de la Anjana _About The Embrace of the Anjana” is a captivating work of art in nature created by the artist Jordi NN as part of the ASELART 2023 festival. Strategically situated at the entrance of a lush wooded area in the town of Herrera de Ibio, Cantabria, this piece pays homage to […]

Opposites attracts

Opposites Attracts _About _Info Event / Valmiermuižas etnomūzikas festivāls Where / Latvia Date / July 2023 _Location 57°33’20.4″N 25°25’59.8″E _Curator Daina Zalāne _Organizer Valmiermuižas alus darītava Lauska _contemporany Circus Alexsey Smolov Lizeth Wolks _Music Stanislav Yudin _Dimensions Width / 10 m Height / 5 m Depth / 2 m _Material Wood Metal Reeds _wood Assistant Mantvydas […]


“Ama-gi” – Sumerian word for “Freedom”- the oldest known written concept of “freedom” – the literal translation is “coming back to the mother”, “coming back to where you belong”.

The sculpture has two main themes – freedom and transformation or transmutation.

Melodías de tensiones sinérgicas

The sculpture will use the principle of tensegrity. Its different ornamental elements and also the several levels of the central piece will be connected without direct physical contact, but through metal ropes that will form a tensioned structure thus creating an impression of light elements floating in the air.