Jordi NN

Ripple Resonance

Ripple Resonance Photo: Jurgis Kreilis _About “Ripple Resonance” (Viļņošanās) draws its inspiration from the captivating phenomenon where vibrations or oscillations give rise to mesmerizing ripples. Just as dropping a stone into a tranquil pond sets off a cascade of undulating waves, so does “Ripple Resonance”. It embodies a repetitive variation, a rhythmic dance around a […]

Opposites attracts

Opposites Attracts _About _Info Event / Valmiermuižas etnomūzikas festivāls Where / Latvia Date / July 2023 _Location 57°33’20.4″N 25°25’59.8″E _Curator Daina Zalāne _Organizer Valmiermuižas alus darītava Lauska _contemporany Circus Alexsey Smolov Lizeth Wolks _Music Stanislav Yudin _Dimensions Width / 10 m Height / 5 m Depth / 2 m _Material Wood Metal Reeds _wood Assistant Mantvydas […]


“Ama-gi” – Sumerian word for “Freedom”- the oldest known written concept of “freedom” – the literal translation is “coming back to the mother”, “coming back to where you belong”.

The sculpture has two main themes – freedom and transformation or transmutation.

Melodías de tensiones sinérgicas

The sculpture will use the principle of tensegrity. Its different ornamental elements and also the several levels of the central piece will be connected without direct physical contact, but through metal ropes that will form a tensioned structure thus creating an impression of light elements floating in the air.


Volcano Cat // Poema “saps què s’amagasota el pacífic verdvellutat d’arbres?                       el roig què xucla la blancaflor, per créixer tan fràgilsi no és el foc?” Anna Dodas i Noguer,  1961 / 1986 ENG // Poem “do you know what is hiddenunder the peaceful greentree velvet?                       the red what sucks the whiteflower, to grow […]

Armillary sphere

Armillary Sphere About The monumental sculpture in the shape of an armillary sphere is a stunning visual representation of the relationship between astronomy, geometry, and the natural world. This intricate sculpture, fashioned out of natural materials, captures the beauty and complexity of the cosmos in a unique and striking way. The armillary sphere has been […]


Unity Baltic Unity day (Lithuanian: Baltų vienybės diena, Latvian: Baltu vienības diena) is a commemorative day celebrated on September 22 in Lithuania and Latvia. It was recognized as such in 2000 by both the Seimas of Lithuania and Saeima of Latvia commemorating the 1236 Battle of Saule, where the joint pagan Samogitian and Semigallian forces […]

Sviesta Ķērne

Sviesta Ķērne The fire sculpture „Butter Churn” refers through its name and shape to the name of the festival (Sviests – Butter) and reminds of its basic idea – butter as a symbol of the most precious one can get from milk through active human impact – thus eventually becoming a cultural product. The same […]