Jordi NN

Sviesta Ķērne

The fire sculpture „Butter Churn” refers through its name and shape to the name of the festival (Sviests – Butter) and reminds of its basic idea – butter as a symbol of the most precious one can get from milk through active human impact – thus eventually becoming a cultural product. The same as contemporary music, arts and crafts based in traditions that have been changed and churned until gaining a contemporary shape and sound. The butter churn is an ancient and widespread household item which in its modesty and functionality is an excellent example of traditional design.

The corpus of the sculpture has 12 facets, referring to the round festival logo with 12 dots. While burning from the inside the different inner layers are illuminated thus creating a play of lights and shadows, that shows traditional Latvian patterns and symbols.

This way a traditional household item is united with folk patterns in a contemporary shape and manner. While the light of the fire breaks through from inside the sculpture, it symbolises cultural heritage and traditions which are reaching from the depth of the past into nowadays and lights up also many contemporary facets and elements.

Daina Zalane


Event / Sviests 2018

Where / Valmiermuiža, Latvia

Date / June 2018



Height / 550 cm

Width / 500 cm

Depth / 500 cm

Circumference / 15.7 m





Daina Zalane





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