Jordi NN

Armillary Sphere


The monumental sculpture in the shape of an armillary sphere is a stunning visual representation of the relationship between astronomy, geometry, and the natural world. This intricate sculpture, fashioned out of natural materials, captures the beauty and complexity of the cosmos in a unique and striking way.

The armillary sphere has been a symbol of knowledge and learning for centuries, and this sculpture pays homage to that rich history. The wooden rings and spheres, arranged in a precise and intricate pattern, create a stunning visual display that is both awe-inspiring and thought-provoking. The sculpture invites viewers to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and the role of humanity in understanding and exploring it.

At the same time, the sculpture is a testament to the natural world. The use of wood as the primary material highlights the connection between the cosmic and the earthly. The sculpture is both an exploration of the heavens and a celebration of the earth, reminding us of the interdependent relationship between the two.


One of the unique features of this sculpture is its relationship with fire. The sculpture’s design incorporates elements that speak to the role of fire in the universe, from the burning of stars to the power of the sun. As viewers watch the sculpture move and shift, they are reminded of the powerful forces that shape our world and the role that fire plays in that process.

However, despite its stunning beauty and intricate design, this sculpture is also ephemeral in nature. Like the stars themselves, it is not meant to last forever. As a fire sculpture, it burns and eventually fades away, reminding us of the transitory nature of all things in the universe. This ephemeral character gives the sculpture a sense of both fragility and resilience, speaking to the eternal cycles of creation and destruction that are fundamental to the universe.


Event / Sviests 2019

Where / Valmiermuiža, Latvia

Date / June 2019


Daina Zalane



Valmiermuižas kultūras biedrība

_Art residence


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Height / 5.5 m

Width / 5 m

Depth / 5 m





Dj Monsta


Andris Roze

Pēteris Kalniņš