Jordi NN



Event / Joninės

Where / Klaipeda, Lithuania

Date / June 2017


Klaipėdos etnokultūros centras


Rita Šukienė

_Host Atelier



In Lithuanian folklore, the Papartis flower is believed to bloom exclusively on the night of the summer solstice, echoing the broader myth of the fern flower. Locals hold the conviction that discovering the Papartis flower brings not only good fortune and wealth but also the extraordinary ability to comprehend the language of animals. Yet, this pursuit is no simple task, as the flower is well-concealed, and those who embark on the quest may encounter challenges or supernatural beings.

“Papartis” unfolds as a transient ballet on water—a wooden fern suspended in serene beauty. Crowned by a glowing sun symbol, it encapsulates the elusive allure of the Papartis flower.

This land art piece channels the whispers of Lithuanian folklore, where the fern’s bloom is as brief as the summer solstice. Wooden fronds extend in harmonious unity, firmly rooted in nature’s embrace. The lake transforms into a canvas, hosting a celestial spectacle that beckons contemplation on myth, magic, and the intricate choices interwoven into the Papartis narrative.

“Papartis” serves as a visual ode to the delicate crossroads of earthly and supernatural realms, where the Papartis flower’s radiance captivates and transcends. With the descent of the sun on the midsummer equinox, this wooden reverie metamorphoses into a fire sculpture, embracing the ephemeral beauty of the Papartis bloom in a blazing solstice’s embrace.



Height / 800 cm

Width / 1600 cm

Depth / 1600 cm

Circumference / 5000 cm





Metal wire


Jordi NN

Mantvydas Vilys


Mindaugas Bubelis