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Economic support

Donations, funding or financing is a philanthropy way of patronage to support the artist to make possible to the artist to keep researching and creating in his studio.


Through Paypal you have a safe, legal and official way to transfer a donation or become a private sponsor of Jordi NN

Sponsorship support

Are you a business, NGO or an official organization that would like to support Jordi NN?

There are three main possibilities:

Financial support

Supporting with money a specific project, monthly or annual, so the artist can create art as a worthy job

In-kind support

An in-kind sponsorship is an arrangement where the sponsoring business provides goods or services in lieu of direct financial support.

Media support

Media sponsors are financial sponsors that secure advertising for an artist. This can mean purchasing advertising space on local television or in a local newspaper or publishing content about the event on their own channels, like magazines or catalogues, digital and printed.


Artists are creative minds. They like challenges and new projects. Contact with your idea or your needs.

You can be part of the process and follow the work in progress.

Commission an artwork is probably the most interesting way to support an artist.



Do you have a space for exhibition?

an artspace, gallery, museum, venue, public or private space, natural or urban area , itinerant, temporal, ephemeral, online, etc.


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Festivals, Symposiums, Biennales, Private celebrations, etc.


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Email > contact [ at ] jordinn . net

Instagram > @Jordi.NN / #JordiNN

Facebook > @Jordi.NN.Creative.Mind

Youtube > Jordi NN