Jordi NN

360 series

2012 - current

Break yourself into the sharpest edge of the sphere! It’s paradox, it’s creative insanity, it’s poetry beyond logic. And so it’s a possibility, breaking your ego, the self of language, breaking your own identity into the sharpest edge of the sphere. An ideal, divine object made from the eternal spinning of 360, made of spinning circle.

There is no sharp corner in a circle, there is no sharp edge in a sphere one would say! And so there is no ego in existence, there is no separation in being! Sphere is unified. Sphere taught philosophers how to turn mind around with irony. Circle taught Socrates humbleness of thinking that the only thing I know is that I don’t know. Such a turn, such a noble poverty, such a rest in trust, such a tremendous emptiness in the turning, 360.

I’m following 36, a magic number, when i see it around, there is luck. And so to meet Jordi, one spring when cherry blossoms where elegantly snowing into the core of existence, was good luck. To meet one more circle, existential individual, circle, spinning in to the sphere of blessed oneness. I immediately recognized silent pagan, disciple of Socrates in him. There was no posing, no politics or contradictions in his creativity. It was wild and childish observation, experiment of movement, movement from chaos of unknown to harmonic circle of knowing that there is not much to know.

Jordi NN’s creative expression is silent, visual, philosophical, it emerges from observation of natural surroundings, and inquiry of silence inside. It has no bleeding wounds, there is no conflict, there is no suffer. It is not easy nowadays for artist to be so sincere, when you are beyond conflict, beyond games of dual mind, politics, sex, ego and power of will, the playground reduces to a minimum. 360 is in such a tremendous contrast with the noisy and destructive culture of 21st century man. So it is important to concentrate and let artistic space be filled with meditative stillness.

Text / Juozas Augulis


Multidisciplinary project


Juozas Augulis

_Mural Locations







I Pòsquin You / Espacio Tapinearte / Valencia, Spain / Dec 16


I Pòsquin You / Trentatres Gallery / Valencia, Spain / Dec 11 · Jan 7

360 / La bodeguita de Valdecarros / Madrid, Spain / Nov 7 · Dec 6

360 · III / El Náutico / El Escorial, Spain / Oct 1 · Nov 1

360 · II / El Náutico / El Escorial, Spain / June 2 · July 5

360 / El Náutico / El Escorial, Spain / April 21 · May 24

360 · Baltic symbols / Kintų Vydūno Kultūros Centre / Kintai, Lithuania / Jan 23 · Feb 21

360 · Alfa – Beta / CDL / Valencia, Spain / Jan 18 · Feb 18


MIKPH ΦOPMA / Papatzikou art-gallery / Veria, Greece / Dic 14 · Jan 10

360 · Baltic symbols / Klaipeda Kultūros Centre / Klaipeda, Lithuania / Oct 10 · Oct 24

360 / Palau Ducal Dels Borja / Gandía, Spain / Sep 14 · Oct 12

Arte sobre papel 2014 / Valencia, Spain / April 29 · 8 May

Acuarelas / Valencia, Spain / Jan 10 · Jan 24


Acuarelas / Valencia, Spain / Mar 1 · Mar 13


Circle is an idea, it is alive in the world of ideas, where oneness celebrates itself.

In the field of material observation sun incarnates the idea of circle in the most perfect way. Sun is an ever blasting circle of energy, bringing life and leading to death.

Circle is both life and death, it’s static and dynamic at the same time, there is no end and no beginning in it. It’s a reflection of universal movement, reflection of the way changes and transformations manifest in reality, it’s reflection of thought in harmony.


Circle is and circle is not and circle is never perfect.

Circle never stops moving, it is beginning, the source from which growth has strength to grow,

Circle is master who teaches movement in harmony, circle teaches dharma. dharma lives in circle.

Circle is mathematic and poetic, 360, circle is creative chaos in ironic order.


Circle is in the mind. Mind has an instrument called language, logos.

Language separates, language makes differences, you, me and they, are in the language. This instrument is line, it has beginning and has end, it’s separated in individual existence surrounded by nothing. This individual is full of fear, fear of death, fear of unifying transformation.

At the same time this line, this separated existence, this machine of duality, has a desire, desire to disappear in oneness.


This existential individual is a paradoxical line to love, it’s love not yet, it’s the seeking of love. It’s a story of man, story of linear man who was born, and realized his self, and started to feel desire for god, desire to forget separation in language and to melt in silent one.

To take two ends of line and curve them to circle is a process. The process of growth from fear of individual death, to love of universal one.

It’s line, memory, ego, it’s a story of one’s life.

_Tree of Life Series

Tree of life is the most ancient concept of cosmic understanding, and is significant for modern man. In Cosmic tree of life number 3 is playing magic.

Roots are reaching chthonic world, stabilizing in trust of mother, in dirt of ancient, in fertility of ancestors. It is realm of death, and the tree of life is feeding from death, from past.

Trunk is the visible, is presence, is manifestation of what is living, here is man sitting under the branches, streching his spine to the trunk of the tree of life.

Branches are in the sky, waving for gods, branches is future, in branches life extends to unknown, to death.

Branches are reaching roots, life grows to death, death grows to life, from unknown to unknown. 360. Symbolic story of all what is alive.