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Shades of Nature: A Journey from Blue to Green



Shades of Nature: A Journey from Blue to Green is a land-art artwork created on the shore of the river Parana, Argentina. The piece involves creating a pattern on the sand of the beach by walking back and forth in the same place, thus connecting the colors blue and green.

The theory of color, which states that to create green, one must add yellow to blue, is explored in this artwork. The piece emphasizes the importance of colour harmony in nature and how it can be used to create beautiful and balanced patterns.

Walking is an art form in this piece, as the action of walking back and forth is used to create the artwork. The act of walking becomes a meditative experience, emphasizing the connection between the artist and the environment.

The artwork represents the balance of life, water, and nature. The association between different elements, such as water, soil, and grass, is highlighted, showing how they are completely different yet complementary.

The path to one’s destiny is represented by this piece, showcasing how it is made up of completely different periods that are interconnected. The artwork symbolizes the journey of life, where each step is connected and leads to the next, creating a beautiful and harmonious whole.

Overall, Shades of Nature: A Journey from Blue to Green serves as a reminder of the beauty and interconnectedness of nature, emphasizing the importance of balance and harmony in our lives.



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Event / GNAP Argentina

Where / Argentina

Date / April 2023




GNAP Argentina


Claudia Cerminaro

Natalia Abot


Width / 2 m

Lenght / 40 m


27°28’6.1144″ S

58°51’11.0512″ W