Jordi NN

Saulės kelionė


According to the ancient Latvian worldview, at daytime, the Sun travels between two worlds. During the day, the Sun travels in a carriage of horses above the clouds. In the evening the Sun, Female Goddess in the Baltic worldview, moves to a golden boat and travels to another world where she nurtures orphans. A folk song conveys:

_"The Journey of Sun"

Late at night the dear sun

Sits in a golden boat,

She rises in the morning

Leaving the boat to sway


Event / Rudens lygė

Where / Juokrantė, Lithuania

Date / September 2014


Height / 600 cm

Width / 300 cm

Depth / 1300 cm



Tree Bark



Jordi NN

Andris Kapusts

Aida Rancāne

Aurēlija Rancāne