Jordi NN

Mud walk

This land art piece, entitled “Mud Walk,” takes place in a muddy area on the shore of the river Parana, Argentina. The artwork draws inspiration from the challenges and difficulties of crossing from one shore to another on a muddy and slippery terrain. The path becomes a metaphor for the obstacles of migration and the struggle to reach one’s desired destination.

The performance of the artwork involves cleaning the path by removing the mud and debris until a dry soil is reached, easing the way to cross from one point to another. This act represents the idea of overcoming obstacles to achieve a goal, highlighting the importance of effort, patience, will, and perseverance.

The artwork also emphasizes the fragility and malleability of the earth, reminding us of the delicate balance between nature and human activity. The muddy terrain serves as a symbol of the challenges we face in our lives, and the constant need to adapt and find solutions to move forward.

Through “Mud Walk,” the viewer is invited to contemplate the idea of problem-solving and perseverance in the face of adversity, as well as the interconnectivity between humans and nature. The artwork serves as a reminder of the power of human will and the importance of working in harmony with the natural world.

In summary, the land art piece “Mud Walk” highlights the difficulties of crossing a muddy and slippery field, similar to the challenges faced in migrating from one place to another. The performance of cleaning the path until finding dry soil represents the effort, patience, and perseverance required to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. This artwork encourages viewers to reflect on the difficulties encountered in life and the determination needed to overcome them, ultimately leading to a greater appreciation for the value of hard work and persistence.


Event / GNAP Argentina

Where / Argentina

Date / April 2023


Claudia Aravanovich


Width / 50 m

Length / 1 m


27°56’46.2195″ S

58°48’42.4578″ W