Jordi NN



The multimedia performance “Lāčuvīrs” (“Bearman”) unites contemporary performance art based in Japanese Butoh dance, with Latvian and Sami traditional music, as well as light and video art. The performance “Bearman” researches the Nordic myth of the bear as the male archetype.

The author of the performance Simona Orinska together with her performance group IDEAGNŌSIS are searching for new forms of expression in different venues, working with diverse material and co-operating with artists from various genres. Special musical guest of the performance is the Sami musician Torgeir Vassvik from Northern Norway, who visited Riga already a year ago and enchanted the audience with an intense concert, uniting Sami joiking, throat singing, guitar and shamanic drums. In “Bearman” his musical partner will be Latvian kokle player Latvīte Cirse, who plays different kokles in different techniques – from traditional kokle, to electric and concertkokle.

Visual artist of the performance is Jordi NN from Spain, who works in different visual media, has been building large-scale fire sculptures in Lithuania for the past years, and works also with graphics, photography and video art.

The project is realized by “Laboratory of Stage Arts” in co-operation with Culture Management Centre „Lauska” and “Free Riga”. The project is supported by RISEBA, Riga City Council “Creative Quarters” support programme and the Norden Kulturkontakt Nord Mobility Programme. The performance is part of the satellite programme of I-WEEK -the International New Media Art Week in Liepāja.


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Anna Auziņa Poem quote
“…Mans vīrietis ar leduslāča dvēseli
Viņa krastos ir aļģes
Viņa fjordos grūti izkuģot
Mans vīrietis
Kura piere ir aisbergs
Gar kura pieri peld mākoņi…”


Directed by Simona Orinska

Producer // Daina Zalāne

Voice // Torgeir A Vassvik

Kokle // Latvīte Cirse

Visual Artist // Jordi NN


Maria Garcia

Dana Indāne

Alda Rusina

Erna Daudzvārde

Laura Feldberga

Ieva Putniņa

Arvis Kantiševs