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_Eight Auspicous Signs

The word “Auspice” refers to a divine or prophetic token, and an “auspicious sign” is a positive omen that signifies future success. In the context of the GNAP Mongolia III event in 2022, the Eight Auspicious Signs of Mongolian tradition were used as inspiration for the creation of art, crafts, beliefs, and daily life.

During the event, eight auspicious symbols were born in different locations, each serving as a sign of meditation, protection, guidance, and respect for all participants and for those who come across them in the future. Even if these signs are not visible to the naked eye due to their size or having melted into the environment, they continue to exist as an embodiment of the spiritual connection between humans and the natural world.

Each auspicious sign represents a specific idea, but its full meaning can only be realized through the personal experience of the spectator. The Eight Auspicious Signs serve as a reminder of the deep cultural roots and beliefs of the Mongolian people and the importance of mindfulness and respect for the natural world.

Through this project, I hope to inspire individuals to reflect on their relationship with the environment and the role of spirituality in their lives. The Eight Auspicious Signs represent a bridge between the past, present, and future, reminding us of the continuity of human experience and the enduring power of spiritual symbols.


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These eight auspicious signs talks…

About Harmony of changeӨлзий (Ölzii) / Endless Knot

About Will and CommitmentНум сум (Num Sum) / Bow and Arrow

About Wisdom and KnowledgeНомын хүрд (Nomyn khürd) / Dharma Wheel

About Profency and ProwessAраатны хадны зураг (Araatny khadny zurag) / Beast petroglyph

About Identity. Between uniqueness and onenessХурууний хээ (Khuruunii khee) / Fingerprint

About Choices and ActionsАмьдралын зам (Amidraliin zam) / Lifepath

About Balance – Дөрвөлжин (Dörvöljin) / Square

About GrowthАлтан спираль (Altan spirali) / Golden Spiral


Event / GNAP Mongolia III

Where / Mongolia

Date / September 2022


Amarsaikhan Namsraijav


Endless Knot

Нум сум

Bow and Arrow

Номын хүрд

Dharma Wheel

Aраатны хадны зураг

Beast Petroglyph

Хурууны хээ


Амьдралын зам




Алтан спираль

Golden Spiral